Writing a thesis

How to write a thesis/dissertation

Writing a thesis/dissertation can be a daunting task. It is unfortunate that at one point of college life students are required to write this type of paper. If you are struggling this article can greatly help you. Alternatively, you can request our expert to help you.

The first step should be developing a good research topic.  A thesis/dissertation has five chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Methodology
  4. Data analysis and discussion
  5. Conclusion and recommendation

Guidance on writing a thesis


This section offers the background information of your paper, problem statement, study objectives/hypothesis, study justification and structure of the paper.

What to consider

  • Acknowledge all the sources used
  • The problem statement should clearly outline why the study needs to be conducted.
  • Study justification should explain the importance of the study

The section should account about (5-10%) of the total word count

Literature review

This involves the review of sources related to the research topic with the intention of forming a plausible basis for the study. It should be organized into subtopics. The literature review should entail a critical reveal where all sources are acknowledged.   In the end, the literature gap should be identified

The section should account about (30%) of the total word count


The chapter outlines the research design, strategy, and philosophy, techniques used in data collection, sampling method, ethical consideration, validity and reliability concept. In the end, the researcher should give a summary. It is an important section since it gives direction on the how research will be conducted. Accounts 20% of the total word count

Data analysis and discussion

Once the data is collected, it should be analyzed and the results are presented in chapter four. The findings should be interpreted and discussed in the same chapter. The chapter comprises 20-30% of the total word count.

Recommendation and conclusion

The conclusions from the study are made whereby they are related to the literature review. Other areas which need further research and limitation of the study are highlighted.  Should be about 5-10% of the total word count.

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