WARBINGS CASE STUDY Discursive question

Questions/Business/ManagementWARBINGS CASE STUDY Discursive question
• New HR Manager for Warbings • Also 1 Assistant both given for 6 months to ‘phase out’ any procedures that will reduce sickness and absence (staff turnover) • CEO EXPECTS: • Procedures that will reduce sickness and absence • Increase employee turnover • Increase its employee’s commitment and motivation
• Although it cannot be done by simply developing new procedures!!!
• Able to address concerns by demonstrating to the employees that their complaints have been heard. • Warbings regard them as more than ‘just a means’ of a profitable end. • Look through and acknowledge employees list of emails that current staff have sent asking for changes to be made in the way the company operates.
• THREE MOST CONCERNS related to THREE issues: • heavy-handed line management • lack of training • different ways of setting and communicating targets
? As A HR Manager of many years of experience should know that all these problems are linked and need to be addressed by a formal systems of:
• Appraisal and training for ALL employees at Warbings • Especially for those with line management responsibilities
? Also understand that addressing the employees concerns will HELP ACHIEVE CEO’s priorities of reducing sickness absence and employee turnover and increase commitment and motivation of the workforce
? Write an explanation for CEO of how and why introducing performance appraisal and appropriate training for all levels of staff can identify the employees complaints of heavy-handed line management, lack of training and requests for different ways of setting and communicating targets.
? Support CEO’s priorities of reducing sickness absence and employee turnover and improving employee commitment and motivation.

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