Variables that Influence the Policy making Process

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This week, you learned about how both politics and administration are required for the successful development and implementation of public policies and how effective operation of public administrators is influenced by many factors. In addition, you examined the importance of the role that public administration plays in the function of society, how public officials are held accountable for their actions, and the value of government in all aspects of our lives. Underlying this role of public administrators is public policy and the policymaking process as the framework from which actions are taken to meet identified problems and needs of the public.

Review how the concept of policy is defined within the field of public administration and the role that public administrators play in the policymaking process. How do politics influence decisions that are made which eventually culminate in a policy? Is the target population (that which has a defined problem or set of needs) a key player in the policy process? How does a public administrator balance the needs of the public with the pressure of political constituents?

Accountability of government officials to the public within this context is a vital aspect of public administrative practice. Identify at least one way in which public officials can be held accountable to the public that you believe would be particularly effective.

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