Value creation

Please answer Part A, Part B and Part C. You are required to write approximately 3250 words in total. Moodle has some good tips on how to approach the work and the ‘Reading List’ on Moodle contains many good references for answering the questions set.

Part A: Abstract 10 marks available

Write and abstract for your work of no more than 250 words. Consider the following points when writing your abstract:

Purpose (mandatory)
Design/methodology/approach (mandatory)
Findings (mandatory)
Research limitations/implications (if applicable)
Practical implications (if applicable)
Social implications (if applicable)
Originality/value (mandatory)

Source: International Journal of Operations and Production Management
TIP: Write this section last.

Part B: Main Question 60 Marks available

Part 1
Select one or more examples of a business that has made the transition from a product based business model to a service provider and associated business model. Use this example to illustrate changes in patterns of value creation as the actors and resources reconfigure. You may choose to discuss just one business that makes the transition or you may choose to discuss an example where an opportunity has been exploited to create a new business.
1500 words (approx.)
Part 2
Choose a high end service (e.g. Michelin Restaurant or First Class airliner) and compare the expectations of the customer with a low cost service (e.g. fast food chain or no frills airline). Create a SIPOC of both top level processes and related customers and suppliers. Imagine the story of a customer going through this experience – could be a good or a bad experience in either case: map that customer journey. Consider the different expectations and evaluate the touchpoints in the service. What measures would be appropriate to evaluate the systems?
1500 words (approx.)

Part C 20 Marks available

Part C is worth up to 20 marks and is awarded for the personal reflection you uploaded from the experience during the module. There I no further submission required for this.

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