United States of America criminal justice homework! non plagiarized 3 pages apa format,read info posted below

United States of America criminal justice homework! non plagiarized 3 pages apa format,read info posted below

  • Field: Law – Criminal

 Please have knowledge of USA criminal justice system.

Review the following scenario:

You are a Wichita Police Department detective working in the major  crimes unit, and you are assigned to a joint federal–state–city crime  task force working on a number of major drug cases. Over a period of  several months, your task force has been able to gather information and  make cases on several of the drug suppliers, drug dealers, and drug  buyers in the Wichita metropolitan area. The task force is about to  complete its mission by filing criminal charges in the federal district  court, the state district court, or the Wichita Municipal Court against  these various suspects. These suspects will not be arrested until the  warrants are issued.

Your job is to make recommendations concerning which jurisdictions  should file the charges on which defendants. You will need to evaluate  the criminal statutes and penalties in each jurisdiction and even the  rules of evidence to determine where your task force has the best chance  of obtaining a conviction and in getting the punishment to fit the  crime.

The memo that you receive from your Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force supervisor explains the situation:


Re: Charging Decisions

You are the primary investigator in the cases against Jones, Smith, and  Thompson. As I review your reports, it appears that each of these cases  has strengths and weaknesses that we should evaluate before we determine  whether to file charges in the U.S. District Court, the Sedgwick County  District Court for the State of Kansas, or the Wichita Municipal Court.  I will summarize those strengths and weaknesses here to make sure I am  reading your reports correctly. I need you to give me advice on where  you think these charges should be brought.

Jones has been working for you as a confidential informant because you  have evidence against him for a February 6, 2005 third possession of  cocaine after convictions in 1993 and 1994. He appears to have followed  the terms of his deal with you to introduce our undercover agents to his  dealer. We have promised not to prosecute for any drug offenses he may  commit in the presence of our undercover agent while playing the role of  our informant. His assistance has enabled us to get sufficient evidence  on Smith and Thompson to obtain convictions. Based on Jones’ two prior  convictions for possession of cocaine, we would normally want him to go  to federal court, where the maximum sentences are available. However,  because of his cooperation, we could file the case in the Sedgwick  County, Kansas, and district court under state law. We could even change  the charge to a drug paraphernalia offense and send his case to the  city of Wichita.

  • How do you think we should proceed concerning Jones’ February 6, 2005 cocaine possession? (30%)
  • He will probably plead guilty unless we send him to federal court. Where do you want to file the case? (20%)

Smith has sold cocaine to our undercover agents on two occasions: July  12, 2005 and August 3, 2005. We have found no prior record on this  individual, but we believe that he regularly sells to his friends and  acquaintances. Your report indicates it took several contacts between  Jones and the undercover agent to persuade Smith to make those two  sales. It also appears that although we have tried to make additional  purchases from Smith, but he will no longer deal to either Jones or our  undercover agents. Based upon the evidence, I do not think we will need  to require Smith to testify against his friend, Jones, and we should  have enough evidence to convict based solely upon the testimony of our  undercover agents.

  • Where do you want to file this case against Smith? (20%)

Thompson appears to be a major dealer but not a local supplier to other  dealers in the community. Jones brought our undercover agents to him on  several occasions, but Thompson appears to be very wary of obtaining new  customers he does not know personally. Thompson has never sold directly  to any of our undercover officers, but our officers have personally  observed Thompson selling cocaine to Jones on five occasions in March  and April of 2006. Your undercover officers indicate that Thompson  displays large quantities of cash, keeps major quantities of drugs in  his hidden safe in the bedroom floor of his house, and has a number of  firearms throughout his house. I believe that if we can get Thompson on  these five drug sales made to Jones, we could leverage him to help us  get to his supplier. The problem is using Jones, with two prior  convictions for cocaine possession and working with us only to save  himself, as a witness for the prosecution. I would like to obtain the  higher penalties for drug sales and drug possession available in federal  court, but we must determine whether Jones’ prior criminal record will  be allowed into evidence. His credibility is crucial to getting Thompson  convicted, but if the jury hears about his entire past, it might be  difficult for them to convict Thompson.

  • Where do you think we should file the case against Thompson? (25%)

Provide reasons for each recommendation (in bold), and I will forward those to the prosecutors in these courts.

I need your help on this.

DEA Task Force Supervisor

Consult Web resources on federal, Kansas, and Wichita laws to find information to support your recommendations.

Please provide APA citation and references where necessary. (5%)

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