Unit34 P1,P2,P3,M1 and D1

1 Describe how three contrasting organisations use their websites for business purposes. You must describe:
1. The commercial and non-commercial relationships of the businesses 2. The purposes of the commercial and non-commercial websites 3. The key marketing concepts of each business 4. The current and future developments related to each business website 5. How the websites help the organisations to achieve their purposes
N.B. You must select three websites. One MUST operate B2B, B2C and Not-for-profit Also refer to the unit content page ensuring you use keywords throughout P1 2 Explain the usability features of the websites for the 3 contrasting organisations used above:
1. Usability 2. Navigation 3. Language 4. Efficiency 5. Accuracy 6. Speed of response 7. Respect for privacy 8. Design of web pages 9. Accessibility 10. Visibility
N.B. You must include screenshots showing where the features are.
Describe how the websites of each 3 organisations have been designed to appeal visually to their users. Using the organisations used in task 1, you must explain:
1. Why the organisation has used these features – refer to unit content page 2. How do the features benefit the users – refer to unit content page 3. How do the websites visually appeal to the users – refer to unit content page P2
P3 3 Analyse how One of the selected websites has been designed to meet the requirements of its target audience. To do this you must select ONE of the organisations investigated above. You must analyse :
1. the specific target market for the website 2. the marketing concepts used to attract this market 3. the current and future developments specific to this target market 4. the features specifically tailored to meet the user needs 5. the effectiveness of the features in terms of sales figures M1 4 Evaluate the extent to which the design of a selected website helps the originating organisation to meet its objectives. You must:
1. identify the aims and objectives of the organisation 2. have the aims been met – give clear evidence of this 3. how has the website benefited the organisation – give evidence of this 4. Do you think having a website has benefited the organisation and how can it improved? – clear concise details are needed
N.B. You must research and find specific evidence to back up your views such as sales figures, website hits, recent media reports, customer feedback etc D1

Assignment 1 -2015-16 (1).docx

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