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You have been asked to conduct a needs assessment of supervisors to determine what they should know about Structured On-the-Job Training. The organization is a small industrial plant, located in a rural Midwestern city, employing 350 blue collar workers and 55 white collar professional, technical, and managerial employees. Most employees work directly for twelve first-line supervisors, the target group.
The organization is unionized and has been in business for forty years. It manufactures popular aerosol deodorants and cleaners. Supervisors in the organization have “risen through the ranks” and have never received formal supervisory training of any kind.
Top managers—including the vice president of production, to whom all the targeted trainees report—are highly supportive of the training. They believe it will significantly reduce the time required to orient newly hired employees to their jobs.
1. What should be the objective(s) of this needs assessment?
2. What is the target audience for this needs assessment?
3. What method of sampling “cases” or people is appropriate in this case?
4. What data collection methods do you suggest in this case?
5. What instruments, if any, do you feel should be used in this needs assessment?
6. What protocols, if any, should be considered in this needs assessment?
7. What methods of data analysis should be used?
8. How will you make decisions from results of the needs assessment?

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