The globalization of Islam

The globalization of Islam

Assignment Instructions:

The components of this assignment include a research question and a purpose and design statement. It must contain at least 8 sources, at least 6 of which must be peer-reviewed. The specific research question should relate to a topic covered in the course.

Length: 6-8 pp. inclusive.


Threat or Opportunity: The globalization of Islam

– Analyze the three approaches to analyzing actions and responses to globalization.

•    Discuss the realist, liberal institutionalist, and constructivist views on globalization.

•    Discuss the policy prescription options for dealing with the effects of globalization.

•    Discuss how future versions of globalization might affect the Westphalian construct.

The proposal will include:

-Purpose statement

-Statement of the Problem

-Theoretical Framework and Review of Pertinent Literature

-Working Hypothesis

-Significance of the Study

-Research Design


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