Select a real company or business. You will have to give a new name to the company selected.

Select a real company or business. You will have to give a new name to the company selected.

Part 1. 

· Strategic plan: mission, vision, values.

· Product or Service description

Explanation: includes the strategic plan and the product-service description. You will need to research the mission, vision and values of the real business you selected. Write the fictional name you chose for this business along with its mission, vision and values. Additionally, select the main business products or services and describe them.

Part 2.

· Functional areas categories

· Types of information systems used (ESS DSS MIS TPS)

Explanation: includes the description of the company functional areas according to the pyramid explained in the second week summary. A description of the types of information systems the company uses is also required.  PYRAMID FOUND IN ATTECHMENT

Part 3. 

· Michael Porter’s competitive forces model – analysis

· Additional information of the firm (organization chart, history, and any other relevant information)

Explanation: includes Michel Porter’s 5 forces analysis based on the business you selected. Explain how your business would apply each of the 5 Porter’s forces. Include additional information about the firm, such as organization chart, history, and any other relevant data.

Part 4.

· E-Business design:

Strategy description: Low-cost leadership; product differentiation; focus on market niche; strengthen customer and supplier intimacy.

Business Model description.

· Integration with supplier and customers: back-office and front office software applications. o Implementation

Strategy implementation (Technology Strategy)

· Conclusions and recommendations

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