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Importance of a good research topic

A research is a comprehensive task which needs great efforts on the side of the researcher. One of the key thing which determines the research success is the topic. A good topic/ research idea should have the following characteristics


The research topic should be clear, thereby making it easy to understand the nature of the research. It should have a single interpretation to avoid people from getting distracted. It needs to be clear in the researcher’s mind.  Clarity implies a research topic should be free of any ambiguity, directional and sets the whole research methodology.

Well defined

A well phrased and defined research topic guarantee a successful research process. The topic should not be phrased in a manner which offers a double-barreled impression.  A well-defined and phrased topic is easy to understand and has a single meaning.

The language

The language used in a research topic should be simple. Technical terms should only be used where necessary. The ethics of writing should be maintained. The researcher should not introduce any sort of bias willingly/ directly or unwillingly/indirectly.

Current importance

The topic selected should be of current importance. An obsolete topic will not be beneficial to anyone. The researcher should assess the benefits of the research in that specific field.


Should a student seek help in research paper writing?

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