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Please find answers from the document that I uploaded and write short personal reflections and summaries for some of the questions!

Here are my questions:

– Who is the author of Nostra Aetate? When and on which occasion?

– To whom and why did he write it? (Be careful with that question. Read the title well. Some of you missed it in their personal works).

– Chose four different paragraphs according to your preferences: give a short summary of each of the four paragraphs you chose and say if you agree or not and why? That question will be 40 or 50 pts

– What is the Canon according to the Christian Sacred Scriptures? Are there differences concerning the Canon between the different Christian branches? Which ones?

– List four books belonging to the  Christian Canon

– A friend of you tells you the Bible was dictated by God? Do you agree or not? Say why?

–  Another friend says the Bible is inspired by God: Can you explain what he means?

– A Christian tells you that the Bible always tells the Truth! Make a comment on this assertion explanning what he means by “Truth”.

– List four important notions you learnt from Christianity or Religion in general?

– What else do you want to know about Christianity or Religion in general?

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