Recognize major contributions from the sciences to our quality of life.

Recognize major contributions from the sciences to our quality of life.

300-500 words APA format

Select a news article on a scientific discovery or achievement. This could be the discovery of a new planet or star, a new medical treatment, new findings concerning climate change, or countless other possibilities. If you are not sure where to find a news article, try looking on the Web page for your favorite news source, or use a search engine to look for a specific topic of interest. After selecting a news article and reading it carefully, complete the following:

Provide a brief summary of the article.

What interested you about the topic?

Do you agree or support the discovery or activity presented in your article? Why or why not?

Did the author provide references and supporting facts in this article, or were you expected to just accept the findings without support?

When reading about science, how important do you feel sources and references are in accepting the findings that are presented?

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