Project: OM as a Competitive Advantage (DR.RICK)

OM Course Project: OM as a Competitive Advantage in Your Organization This project will help you synthesize and apply what you have learned in the Operations Management course to your organization. Keep in mind you will analyze your organization from a leadership perspective. You will assess your organization through a competitive priority lens and evaluate the ten OM decision areas and key processes to develop actionable recommendations to increase your company’s competitive advantage. Choose an organization (current or past) and complete the following: 1. Describe the operations and key processes of your organization. Describe current-state processes using the following business process maps: • SIPOC, and • Detailed process flowchart, swim-lane process map, or value-stream map. 2. Describe the competitive priorities of your organization and the product-process strategies used. As a result, what are the key tasks that senior management should focus on doing especially well? Hint: Compete on differentiation, cost and/or response? Process focus, repetitive focus, product focus, or mass customization focus? 3. Refer to the Ten Strategic OM Decisions (page 8, Heizer & Render): a. 1. Design of goods and services b. 2. Managing quality c. 3. Process and capacity design d. 4. Location strategy e. 5. Layout strategy f. 6. Human resources and job design g. 7. Supply-chain management h. 8. Inventory management i. 9. Scheduling j. 10. Maintenance Describe how each of the ten OM decision areas is currently addressed. • 3 – 5 sentences/bullets for each area Evaluate the decisions made in each of the ten OM decision areas: • Do they align with the organization’s competitive priorities and product-process strategies? Explain why or why not. 4. What specific, actionable recommendations would you present to your company’s senior management to improve operations for competitive advantage? Provide a rationale for all recommendations, and consider the following hints: • would you present any changes to competitive priorities and/or product-process strategies? • How would you address any of the ten OM decisions differently? Would you change any processes? Highlight any changes and include a future state process map. • What is the timeline for your recommended actions?
HINT: There are two levels of analysis. One at the company level, and the other at the detailed level for a process you select. The SIPOC, 10 OM decision areas and competitive priorities are at the company level. The detailed process map and detailed analysis, including the possible application of Lean and Six Sigma, etc. is for the process you select.

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