Project governance structures and leadership approaches

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The aim of this assignment is to critically evaluate the current project governance structures and leadership approaches in an organization of your choice and suggest ways to improve these based on what you have learnt from the readings and block workshop for this subject.
Your assignment should include the following:
1. Describe and evaluate the project governance structures and leadership approaches currently adopted by the organization you have selected which can include some or all of:
• Board level
• Portfolio and Program Management
• Linking of project and corporate strategies
• Governance of individual projects
• Leadership
• Relationship with stakeholders
2. Suggest new or additional governance structures and leadership approaches that could be adopted to improve project performance in the selected organization.
3. A reflection on what you learnt at the workshop through the group work at the class and how it informed the governance structures and leadership approaches you have proposed.
Guidelines for formatting and submission:
All papers to be submitted in word (.doc or docx) or rich text (.rtf) format (not pdf).
Assignments are to be submitted by posting them into the relevant drop box in the Assignments Folder on UTS Online by the due date stated in the subject outline.
Your assignment should be clearly labelled. No hard copies please and keep the graphics simple to reduce file size
If you are including material from other files within your assignments (such as graphics, or tables etc) then please make sure that you embed them in the document. It is a good idea to check that your assignments and all of the relevant inclusions can be opened successfully by looking at them on someone else’s computer.
If you are submitting multiple files for an assignment make sure that they are all ready to go when you submit. Multiple files can be submitted at the initial submission point (the ‘Add Another File’ button) but you cannot add them after the initial submission has been completed.
Please do not copy or repeat the slides presented at the workshop. You can refer to them using Day /Topic/Slide Number.

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