Performance management self assessment

 please write a paper which is 6 pages (excluding an appendix with the list of interview questions) on the results of an interview that you will conduct with yourself as a manager.. 2. Your paper should not be a verbatim recitation of the results of the interview. Before you conduct your interview you should develop the questions based on the requirements of the paper. Appendix: This does not count toward the paper page requirement. 1. Your paper should not be a verbatim recitation of the results of the interview. Do not quote yourself. 2. Be sure to include your questions in the appendix of your assignment. 3. Requirements of the Paper: 6 pages double-spaced 1. Write and organize your paper with the appropriate headings and sub-headings. 2. Introduction-Explain your position/ organizational mission/ goals 3. Crucibles-How you have or have not overcome them and what they revealed about your leadership 4. Self-Awareness and Values-Discussion of this as it pertains to your management style 5. Support Team-Discussion of how this impacts your management style 6. Integrated Life-Steps you have taken or plan to take about leading and integrated life and what it means to your management
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