Organization management

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A piece of creative writing based upon your perceptions of team-working applied to your field of practice.
• 900 words approx for story
• 600 words approx for the annotated bibliography
Ensure that you address the module learning outcomes.
Learning Outcome 1. Demonstrate knowledge of the roles of managers in large organisations, as well as self-management as an employee.
Learning Outcome 2. Present a substantive account of the principles of management in large organisations.
Learning Outcome 3. Demonstrate comprehension of a range of principles of teamwork and reflect on own role within the workplace team.
 Choose a scenario from within your workplace or a situation during your university studies when you were required to work as part of a team.
 Discuss how the situation raised your awareness of the roles of managers and team members in dealing with that situation addressing the above learning outcomes.
Annotated Bibliography (600 words approx)
Using Harvard Referencing identify 10 references that have assisted you in the story telling; then annotate the 3 most significant references explaining why they have been important to inform your story.

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