Manage Risk

Student Instructions


To demonstrate your competence in the BSBRSK501 the following theory andpractical tasks will need to completed. Competence in the workplace refers to the knowledge, skills and attitudes demonstrated by organizational members. It is the ability to consistently perform, over time, a discrete task, under specified conditions, to an agreed standard. These standards are set by industries, enterprises and accrediting bodies. These competencies are developed by learning what to do(declarative knowledge), learning how to do it (procedural knowledge), and when do it (situational or conditional knowledge).


Written Questions – see Assessment 1.  The questions are designed to assess your understanding of the unit as well as your underpinning knowledge.


Project by 5 Practical Tasks – Assessment 2 below


Elements of competence:


  1. Establish risk context
  2. Identify risks
  3. Analyse risks
  4. Select and implement treatment
  5. Communicate and document risk treatment plan


Please read all the information given to you before you start any assessment task. If you do not understand some or all of the questions, please ask your Teacher/Assessor for assistance. Attempt to answer all questions in your own words.


Assessment Requirements

A learner guide has been provided to the students as a reference for the purpose of developing suitable answers to complete the assessment. It is important to note that while the learner guide is a general reference, the student is not limited to this text. Answers may be developed and encouraged to be provided through experience and knowledge gained by the student within their workplace environment. There may be need for a student to research material using the Internet or other relevant sources to complete their studies.


To demonstrate competence in this assessment you must be able to answer all questions correctly. If you do not answer some questions you are deemed to be Not Yet Competent, your Teacher / Assessor may ask you supplementary questions to determine your competence. Assessment will take the form of three parts being:


  • Direct evidence which is evidence provided with the assessor present.
  • Indirect evidence provided by the student away from the presence of the assessor.
  • Supplementary evidence material provided by the student in support of their competency but not in place of either direct or indirect evidence.


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