Leadership: Coaching_Focus Paper

Leadership: Coaching_Focus Paper

This assignment comprises of two sets and must be submitted together as one.

Assignment 1:

Focus Paper Write a five to seven (5 – 7) page paper not including the title and reference pages, describing coaching as a leadership skill and how it may contribute to organizational effectiveness that includes the following:

• Introduction to a specific organizational effectiveness goal you desire to achieve through coaching.

• Research on coaching and its contribution to motivation, productivity, and engagement as the foundational content.

• Analysis of the effective use of coaching to achieve your specific organizational effectiveness goal. Be sure to connect research to your analysis.

• Recommendations for increasing your personal coaching skills and techniques to improve your overall leadership effectiveness. Connecting research to your recommendations will make them stronger.

• Conclusion should summarize the primary points of the paper and bring forward a call to action.

The Assignment will be evaluated using the Focus Paper Rubric located in the course Grading Rubrics. Therefore, please ensure it is written with proper grammar, in APA format (including clear section headings), and includes at least three cited and referenced resources – at least one of which must be a peer reviewed (scholarly) journal article.

The point distribution for this work will be as follows:

• 50% (50 points): Content, focus, use of research, and organization

• 30% (30 points): Analysis and critical thinking

• 20% (20 points):

Writing style, grammar, APA format

Assignment 2: Scenario: You have been assigned to provide recommendations to increase employee engagement in your workplace. Write a memo to the leadership team that: • Describes the reasons employee engagement is important for the organization. • Provides recommendations for increasing employee engagement. • Suggests an implementation plan. Your completed memo should be approximately 700 – 800 words. While APA format is not required, please ensure it is written with proper grammar and includes at least two cited and referenced credible resources. The point distribution for this work will be as follows: • 10 points: Content, focus, use of research, and organization • 6 points: Analysis, critical thinking, and recommendations • 4 points: Writing style and grammar References: Read the following article found in the Kaplan Online Library:

Read the following chapters in your text:

• Chapter 10: “Motivation and Coaching Skills”

• Chapter 11: “Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership”

Main Text:

• DuBrin, A. J. (2015). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills. Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition.

Other Recommended Readings:

• McCarthy, G., & Milner, J. (2013). Managerial coaching: Challenges, opportunities and training. The Journal of Management Development, 32(7), 768-779.

• Soken, N. H., & Kim Barnes, B. (2014). What kills innovation? Your role as a leader in supporting an innovative culture. Industrial and Commercial Training, 46(1), 7-15.


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