LDR/711 Week 6 Evaluating Contemporary Views of Leadership and Application Presentation

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The next step after analysis of contemporary views of leadership is evaluation. ­Critical evaluation is to apply a specific lens, context, or criteria to reach reasoned judgments and articulate clear claims based on credible evidence. Evaluation is shaped by the topic, the audience, and the lens.
In reading about leadership, you can evaluate recommended leadership models in terms of their application to specific contexts and goals. Evaluation is a combination of drawing on available elements and using critical thinking to make judgments and reach conclusions. In evaluating leadership, you might look at who will use the model, why they would use the model, and what the goals might be. After evaluation, synthesis can be developed, which will be displayed in your Week 7 paper.
Select a contemporary leader who worked through a specific leadership model to mobilize large groups of people within the current context.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation analyzing and evaluating historical and contemporary contexts of leadership in the following format: Message me for information about the first slide. Four to six bullet points per slide Bullet points in the form of descriptive narrative style Internal citations to bullet points Speaker notes in full sentences Reference slide with a minimum of four sources
Include the following in your presentation:
Provide the current context of the leader you selected. Explain what characteristics make him or her a good leader and how he or she fit within the contemporary context. Describe the leadership actions he or she took. Explain how this leader has inspired and mobilized others. Compare the contemporary leader with the historical leader you selected in Week 4. Create a visual organizer to show the relationship between the two leaders and their leadership model. If the leaders were active in different historical contexts, would he or she be as successful? Why or why not? Drawing on your prior analytical and evaluative work of historical and contemporary views of leadership, identify two additional leadership characteristics you would like to develop. Explain how you have been influenced by the social forces around you in your own leadership development. Create two questions for your personal leadership development
Note. The final three items require analysis and evaluation of all the Week 6 readings.
Include images and references in your presentation to support your presentation. References should be course readings, peer-reviewed articles, journals, and scholarly literature located in the University Library.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

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