Information System Technology

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Please answer each of the following discussion questions by responding within this discussion thread. Remember to give full and complete answers containing formal, well-written, analytical responses. There is no minimal length for responses as long as answers are complete. Give examples to support your answers. Use your textbook as a reference. Please also comment on your fellow students responses if you agree or disagree with their discussion points and why. This discussion thread will cover Chapters 1 and 2 of our text:

1. Describe an information technology system and all of its components. What are the key components to a common information system?

2. Describe the differences between data, information, and knowledge. Give examples of each and how they differ from the others.

3. Describe how IT systems can assist in creating a competitive advantage in organizations. Describe Michael Porter’s Value Chain and how IT can assist in creating competitive advantages in the Value Chain for both supporting activities and primary activities.

4. Why is business-information technology alignment considered the ‘holy grail’ of organizations? Give some examples of signs that a company has good business-information technology alignment? Share with others experiences you have had in your work/school organizations where there was good or bad business/IT alignment.

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