How can you explain Achilles’ absence from the battle?

  • Field: Literature


Select one of the following topics for your discussion:

  • How can you explain Achilles’ absence from the battle? Do you agree or disagree with his choice? Explain.
  • Consider the roles of the women in The Iliad. How can you compare the relationships between Helen and Paris vs. Andromache and Hector? Take a look at the portrayal of the two couples on this vase to contribute to your analysis.

DB 2 Vase.jpgDB 2 Andromache & Hector.jpg DB 2 Helen & Paris.jpg

Image 1: Vase portraying Helen, Paris, Andromache, Hector, Kebriones. Horses and bird.

Image 2: Andromache & Hector

Image 3: Helen & Paris

*Sign your name in Greek and end with a memorable quote or question.

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