This project gives you the opportunity to envision what e-commerce will look like in the near future. Be creative and insightful, drawing upon course materials as well as additional references.
You are given the task of predicting what we will see during the next five years of e-commerce given the development and history of e-commerce in the years from 1995-2015.
Your deliverable will be a: A written report explaining your vision of what e-commerce will look like in 2016-2021. As you have learned, e-commerce is driven by three major forces: technology changes, business development, and social issues. Describe some of the technological, business, and societal shifts that may occur as the Internet continues to grow and expand. The report should not exceed two (2) pages single-spaced + your reference list on a separate sheet of paper. Please be clear and concise in your response. Use MS-Word (.docx) to create your report.
Use a minimum of five (5) references to support your vision. You may use both trade publications such as CIO, INFO World, etc. and journal articles, but at least 2 of your references should be journal articles. Your textbook may be one of the references. Be sure to cite (using APA Style Manual) references when quoting or paraphrasing someone else’s work and provide a complete list of the references at the end of the paper. Use the search engines to help you in locating articles as well as the library electronic bibliographic databases.
Remember that Quality not Quantity will be rewarded. This final project is worth 100 points. PLEASE be sure PROOFREAD your work carefully before submission.
Since this Project requires you to do some library/Internet research, please do not procrastinate. Get started as soon as possible so you will have ample time to do your best work.

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