Free dissertation topics in business

This page contains over 30 business dissertation topics. It is likely that at one point in your academic life you will be required to write a dissertation or thesis.  The first step of writing a good dissertation is coming up with a researchable topic.  One should select a topic which is informative and can help catch the attention of the reader.

The suggestions below are appropriate for all academic levels, I.e., Bachelor Degree, Master level and Ph.D. topics.

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International business and global politics dissertation Topics

  • The performance of international business teams within multinational corporations: the test of an intervening process model.
  • The influence of corporate governance on globalization, firm performance and internationalization.
  • What kinds of images and themes might create trans-cultural dissonance and resonance with an international class consisting of diverse cultural backgrounds and diverse nationalities?
  • Comparing and contrasting the new theoretical direction in global business political behavior?
  • Role of production for the international market in helping business groups to mobilize collectively?
  • Conditions under which the internalization allows the private sector to create independent organizational bases and develop effective relationships with the states.
  • The role of business-government relations patterns in influencing industrial upgrading; a case study of emerging economies.
  • How do multinational organization deal with the increasing complexity of managing themselves with the light of the increase of non-governmental organizations power?
  • Examination of effect of globalization on British business; a case study of SMEs
  • How does globalization influence the manner in which business teams work together?

Global strategy research Topics

Global business strategy focuses on understanding strategic issues faced by firms when internalizing
  • The benefits and risks of joint ventures?
  • Developing a business strategy for expanding business in global market
  • A study on the exit strategies of foreign venture capital investment
  • Benefits associated with effective vendor management strategy
  • Barriers to utilization and knowledge sharing in international project teams
  • Challenges of managing global international collaboration in the aero-engine business.

Innovation management Research Topics

  • A comparison of business improvement approaches; do they converge towards one universal methodology
  • How does branding offers a competitive advantage to consumer electronics industry?
  • Creating virtual dominions- a comparative study of strategic alliances, acquisitions and mergers in e-commerce.  A case of eBay.
  • Issues that surround the relationship between organizational performance and organization growth
  • Issues facing Airlines Company. A case study of Saudi airlines.
  • Issues surrounding irresponsible borrowing and lending in the consumer credit market; a case study of United Kingdom financial market.
  • Most influential factors in United Kingdom FMCG industry
  • The role of corporate vision, conflicts, empowerment in development of business strategy.
  • Corporate social responsibility Topics
  • The influence of customer perception on customer loyalty in corporate social responsibility context
  • Is business integrity optional or necessary?
  • Problems experienced by ethical business in the united kingdom when moving to the mainstream.
  • The association between diversity and CRS and its contribution  to business

Free dissertation topics in business

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