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Disease overview Rheumatoid arthritis This is one of the most existent chronic conditions in the society that affect the joints on human body. The disease is known to mostly attack women of middle age and old age. This is a condition that has been considered by health practitioners as being fatal if not checked at early stages. The occurrence of this condition in individuals is affected by various factors such as location. First off, there are locations on the globe where the condition is prevalent among people in the society. North America is considered to be a location where most people are attacked by RA. Therefore, most of the women in North America are considered to be under high risk of attack by the condition. However, some locations such as Asia and Africa are least exposed to the risk of being attacked by the RA. According to research don on the disease, there are various risk factors that increase the exposure of individuals to contracting the disease. These risk factors include, smoking, low immunity, genetic makeup of an individual and gender among others. People that are exposed to these risk factors are more likely to be attacked by RA in the long run. However, reports by scientists show that people who are close to those that are infected with the RA have a 2% risk of being attacked by RA in the long run. For this reason, people living with patients suffering from RA are advised to take precautionary measures to be on the safe side. In general, this disease is likely to attack any of the body organs that are present in the human body. This is mostly possible in areas where joints are located. Background of the drug Celecoxib is one of the drugs that are used in controlling the symptoms and effects of some diseases in the society. This drug is considered to a non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drug that many patients use to relieve pain caused by diseases and other body defects. Additionally the drug is known to relieve symptoms of the various types of arthritis. However, this drug has not curing effect on arthritis, so it is recommendable to keep using it to help in pain relieving as long as one suffers from arthritis. Celecoxib is also used in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis. This is a type of arthritis that is described by medical practitioners as affecting the joints in the spine. Additionally, the drug can also be used to relieve acute pain and menstrual crumps. However, the access to this drug is restricted to patients and is only available under the prescription of a qualified doctor. Standard of care. Celecoxib is a drug that helps in the reduction of pain in people that are affected by the rheumatic arthritis. Some of the symptoms that the drug helps to reduce include the inflammation of the joints. As described by medical practitioners, the drug should only be used under the prescription of a qualified doctor. There are specified dosages that are recommended for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions that require the use of the drug to relieve pain. According to research, there are various precautions that should be put into consideration by individuals under the prescription of the drug in the long run. First off, the drug should not be used by patients who have heart conditions. This is because the drug may cause fatal effects to such individuals which could worsen in the long run. Additionally there are various side effects that are experienced as a result of the continued use of the drug by patients suffering from various health conditions. Fatal effects such as bleeding of the stomach and the intestines a could be fatal to individuals under the prescription of the drug. For this reason, individuals who have been prescribed to use the Celecoxib should be careful to explain their health status to the medical practitioners before they are given the drugs. Additionally, such patients should be aot to report any negative symptoms and side effects that are caused by the continued use of the drug by the individuals affected by the various conditions. Trial abstract Background Methods Study participants. In order for the study to be carried out, there were populations selected from a large population to helpo in the provison of important information. The participants selected had to be assessed

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