Focus Paper – Strategic Leadership

Focus Paper – Strategic Leadership

  • Field: Business Finance – Management

Due Date: 01 October 2017;   Due Time: 12:00Hrs GMT

Focus Paper Write a four to six (4 – 6) page paper, not including the title and reference pages, describing the skills and behaviors necessary to practice global interconnectedness in your field of study that includes the following:

• Introduction to what it means to be a global leader and a specific goal you have regarding global interconnectedness. • Research on cultural factors that influence leadership as the foundational content. • Analysis of your own cultural intelligence, including cognitive, physical, and emotional. Be sure to connect research to your analysis. • Recommendations for steps you can take to achieve your goal regarding global interconnectedness. Connecting research to your recommendations will make them stronger. • Conclusion should summarize the primary points of the paper and bring forward a call to action. The Assignment will be evaluated using the Focus Paper Rubric located in the course Grading Rubrics. Therefore, please ensure it is written with proper grammar, in APA format (including clear section headings), and includes at least three cited and referenced resources – at least one of which must be a peer reviewed (scholarly) journal article. The overall point distribution for the Assignment will be as follows: • 50% (50 points): Content, focus, use of research, and organization • 30% (30 points): Analysis and critical thinking • 20% (20 points): Writing style, grammar, APA format

Recommended Text:

DuBrin, A. J., (2016). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills. Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition.

Read the following chapters in your text:

• Chapter 6: “Leadership Ethics and Social Responsibility”

• Chapter 14: “International and Culturally Diverse Aspects of Leadership”

Read the following articles also as attached:

• Levine, M. P., & Boaks, J. (2014). What does ethics have to do with leadership? Journal of Business Ethics, 124(2), 225-242.

• VanderPal, G. (2014). Global leadership, IQ and global quotient. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 15(5), 120-134. Retrieved from

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