Employment Laws

  • Field: Human Resource Management


For this assignment, please answer all of the questions below in  narrative format. Your answers should be 1 – 2 paragraphs in length.


The Family and Medical Leave Act is one of the more recent laws  that were passed to benefit those who are working. The Act gives  employees unpaid leave to handle circumstances where the employee needs  to be away from work and protects their employment status. In the past,  an employee that misses a lot of work would have to worry about their  job. They would need to resign and when the situation was over, find a  new job. The converse of this Act is the impact it could have on a  manager in a department; while the employee is gone, the work still  needs to be done.


Think about the impact of the Family and Medical Leave Act and answer the following two questions:


  1. Describe how the Family and Medical Leave Act has affected a supervisor’s ability to manage.
  2. Describe how the Family and Medical Leave Act has benefited an  employee who needs to be away from work due to a terminally ill child.

You are the new manager of the Health Information Management  Department. When you previously met the staff for the first time, you  told all of them that if they have a question or a problem, to please  come and see you. You mentioned you have an open door policy at all  times.

After being in the position for several months, you overheard the  staff talking, and one of them stated, “We were told she has an open  door policy – that is not true. She is never in her office.”


  1. What is usually the problem when a manager states, “I have an open door policy.”

After previously examining the timeline for legislation of  employment laws, it is rather surprising to discover that some of the  laws have been in place for a long time. From the beginning of  modernization of the work force, different classes of people have been  protected along with circumstances that occur while they are working.

  1. Name 3 major pieces of legislation or law that supported the  advancement of the human relations movement in management, and explain  how important this has been to an employee, and how this can be managed  by the manager of the department.

A shop steward in a union environment is the first-line official of  the union and is sometimes referred to as a union representative or  delegate. The shop steward is normally a full-time union official who is  employed and paid by the local or national union. The shop steward  normally is an employee of the healthcare facility and is subject to the  same rules that every other employee has to follow. In some healthcare  facilities, they will have a position where they work and need to be  productive, as well as carry out union activities which often result in  complaints and grievances that are filed. The most important part of  union activity is to realize that the manager represents management of  the health care facility, and the shop steward represents the employees  of the union.


  1. Explain the responsibilities of a shop steward, and their responsibilities in a union environment.



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