DQ QUESTION week 2-1

Questions/Business/ManagementDQ QUESTION week 2-1
Classifying Decision Situations
Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.
—George Santyana, The Life of Reason: Introduction and Reason in Common Sense
This week’s resources contain discussions about the history and development of organizational decision making as well as insights into where the field is heading in the future. As a leader in the field of management, you will be faced with a number of different managerial decisions. As you read the resources, think about managerial decision situation in which you have been involved in the past.
Provide a brief description of a decision scenario from your own experience that was particularly challenging. State the organizational level of decision making (strategic, tactical, or operational), the decision environment (certainty, risk, or uncertainty), the type of decision (individual or group), and the approach used to make the decision. Explain what made the decision challenging and what you learned from the experience. Finally, discuss a connection from your decision scenario to one of this week’s resources or a scholarly article about decision making of your own choice.
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Buchanan, L., & O’Connell, A. (2006). A brief history of decision making. Harvard Business Review, 84(1), 32–41..pdf
humble decision making.pdf
Pomerol, J.-C., & Adam, F. (2004). Practical decision making.pdf
when to trust your gut-Hayashi.pdf

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