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Reflection: Images of Organization and Reframing
For this final Discussion, you begin your self-reflection process. A reflection is not a summary of what was learned but how your ideas and thinking changed due to your learning in the course. It is also a reflection on what might or might not work. For example, when working on a project team, at the end of the project, you might reflect and discuss what worked well and what could be improved with some possible solutions.
Many professions use journaling and self-reflection as a means for continuous growth and development throughout one’s career. Managers can enrich their effectiveness by reflecting on their actions and the results that occurred. Routinely journaling, in terms of best practices, lessons learned, and areas for improvement, can help a manager become increasingly more effective over his or her career by providing insight, focus, and direction for the future.
Review all the week’s resources and reflect on what you have learned or how your thinking or practice changed as a result. Consider the main themes of the course and what you found useful. Think, reflect, and create!
First, explain how reframing and metaphors have helped change your perspective on organizations. Then, explain in what way reframing and metaphors can assist in improving national and global business relations. For example, would there be any situation across cultures or national regions that a metaphor might better create an understanding for the parties involved? Provide an example for each (national and global) by using one of the frames and/or metaphors.


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