Questions/Business/ManagementDQ QUESTION 10-1
Overlapping Aspects of Decisions
In this week’s Discussion, you will explore what happens after decisions are made, communicated, and executed. If it were not for the execution step, decision making would be an academic exercise that would have virtually no impact on the real world. Through the execution step, the benefit of decision making can be used to actually improve people’s lives, organizations, and ultimately, the world.
Have you ever made a decision that led to unintended or unexpected consequences? Personal decisions often lead to more than one consequence, no matter how hard one tries to anticipate and plan for any possible occurrence. Consider the stakes when an organizational decision involving many stakeholders is implemented. In this situation, the number of effects a decision may have can multiply exponentially.
Based on your personal experience, focus on organizational overlap in new decisions—how one decision can affect other decisions, such as existing policy, and so on.
For this discussion
Propose a set of circumstances in an organization with which you are familiar, in which an overlapping structure, overlapping set of responsibilities, or shared/overlapping governance would create a series of decisions that affect other decisions. Explain the measures you would need to take as a manager or stakeholder to ensure that overlaps are identified, removed, mitigated, or addressed. Explain whether these overlaps provide a positive checks-and-balances system or if they would prove to be an impediment.
Hastie, R., & Dawes, R. M. (2010). Rational choice in an uncertain world (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Chapter 14, “In Praise of Uncertainty” (pp. 319–335)

Hayashi, A. M. (2009). How executives can make bad decisions.pdf
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