DOC 700 I need help writing a revised scholarship, practice, and leadership paper

Your Week 5 assignment submission should include the following: •Refine your Week 3 Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership paper by implementing the faculty feedback and the improvement strategies from your Week 4 Revision Template. ◦Differentiate your revisions using a yellow highlight or red font so they are visible to your faculty member.
•Add an additional section to your revised draft in which you add a layer of creative synthesis. To accomplish this, imagine you are in a room with the authors of your course textbooks. Expand on your paper by addressing the following questions: ◦How will you contribute your informed voice to the conversation? ◦What new understandings would be created as a result of your contribution? ◦What professional practice do you think the authors are missing, that you could add? ◦What if you extended the ideas into the future? What is a possible future information literacy model or metaphor or insight?

Information literacy, practice, and scholarship.docx
The importance of writing well.docx
Central ethical considerations for masters and doctoral research in business and management studies.docx

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