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discussion response


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Corder 5.1

Although a majority of the funding for programs at Olive Crest come from contracts, there are also other areas of funding that allow the organization to operate successfully. Since I have only worked for the organization for about a month, I am not familiar with more details related to specific funding. After searching more on the website, I found information about a yearly donation called “Safe at Home”. Three companies have agreed that when the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Team scores a run, each company donates $50 to Olive Crest. This funding has provided over $135,000 to the organization, allowed Olive Crest to provide children and families better services, as well as raised awareness related to Olive Crests mission (Olive Crest, 2015).

I decided to search ‘annual report’ on the website. The annual report provided the information that in 2016 Olive Crest had 68% of funding from the Public and 16% from Private Support. In comparison to looking at 2014 and 2015’s annual report, Olive Crest’s funding was 70% Public Support and 12% Private Support. The report also showed that 81% of the funding goes back into the operations of the organizations programs (Olive Crest, 2015).

Shearman 5.1

I work for the organization I plan to use for this project. Wellspring is funded by the United Way. We also get funding through the Women’s Auxiliary Fund of the Salvation Army, which is community group of women that meets to volunteer and raise funds in support of the outreach and assistance of the Army. The Women’s Auxiliary Fund provides funding for training and equipment as well as bus and Kroc center passes for the Wellspring clients. Salaries are paid by the Salvation Army and through the donations, including the bell ringers campaign.

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