Creativity, Innovation work

Creativity, Innovation work

Follow the Catering ,Car modification plant idea. 

The next homework in your idea workbook is designed as a culmination of the last few weeks (although we are still only half-way through the process). This (along with all readings and quizzes) is DUE BEFORE your next class session.

Here we are shifting gears to start generating ideas in response to the best opportunity that you have identified. You will also start to evaluate and evolve these ideas. It is very important that you separate generation (brainstorming a large number of ideas) from evaluation (using your judge mode to assess the best ideas and think about ways to improve them).

Please use the attached worksheet to select and frame a problem or opportunity and to capture some of your brainstorming about that opportunity (i.e., generating a large — 20 to 40 — number of ideas). Next you will select your top 4-5 ideas and evaluate them on the criteria relevant to the upcoming product-service innovation assignment. Finally you will select and summarize one of your ideas — you should be prepared to present this idea in class during class this week (either to the whole class, to your group during class exercises, or to people outside of class for feedback).

You can keep evolving this or other ideas in the coming weeks but keep in mind that your first product-service innovation assignment is due in two more weeks so spend some time thinking hard about this now and try to get focused in the most relevant part of the domain you have been working on for the past few weeks.

This week we will learn how to present your ideas, how to select ideas (i.e., to go from a large number of ideas to a few), how to evaluate, and how to evolve ideas. The second REQUIRED reading for the semester is posted already for this coming week. Finally, your 4th homework assignment posted in this week requires that you systematically attack some of the opportunities that you identified in the last few weeks, generate a large number of ideas, evaluate those ideas, and select the best idea to present in your next in-person class. Please don’t leave it till the last minute becasue it will take a bit of time / effort.

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