How to choose a good research topic

Most of the students are faced with this question “How do I come up with a good research topic?” You need a focused topic that will make you come up with a good paper.

Here are some of the important considerations

  • Ensure your research topic meets the assignment requirements
  • Choose an interesting topic
  • Consider the scope of your topic

At you can be helped in coming  up with a good research topic, writing your proposal, introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, conclusion, and recommendation.  They also offer guidance to students who want to write the paper by themselves.

Examples of good research topics

  • How has the World Trade Organization goal of open market access in third world countries led to a boom in the telecommunication industry globally?
  • Negative impacts of social media and the challenges/problems it presents in crisis management.
  • The effect of technology on social life in the world today; the impact upon generational division.
  • The impact of current trends in international supply chain management on the evolvement of risk management strategies.
  • Employment of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia in solving the existing challenges.
  • Prevention of bullying and strategies that can be used to protect children with disabilities.
  • Role of strategic project management in mitigating delays and increase in expenditure in the Nigeria construction industry.