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week 1 Done:
Identify an organization familiar to the members of the Learning Team. If using a real company, disguise the company name with a pseudonym (e.g. Company X).
Identify one independent variable and one dependent variable based on the business. Operationalize these variables if they are too abstract to measure. Each variable must be something you can measure or one you can assign a number (e.g., males = 1, females = 2, monthly sales, number of employees retained, age, location (north = 1, south = 2, east = 3, west = 4, etc.). Let me know if you have questions about measuring your variables.
Create a 350- to 700-word real or realistic scenario for the introduction based on the company selected and the two variables. Include a background, a business problem, and the team’s role.
Create a research question based on the two variables. Your research question will be used for all the team assignments as you are ultimately creating one overall research paper. So, you must have a testable research question. You will conduct a hypothetical research study. Please ask if you have questions about this part of the assignment.
Develop hypothesis statements based on the research question. Your research hypothesis must be testable and based on your research question.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment
Append (i.e., attach this assignment (Part 2) to the end of the Part 1 assignment) the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 paper with the following:
Each team member should:
Find three articles relevant to your research problem with a minimum of one being peer-reviewed. Sources of non-peer reviewed articles may be trade journals or other sources recommended by your instructor. Each team member must try to find three separate articles. Provide a brief summary of each article by selecting relevant research that addresses the variables in the research question(s) of the article.
You can summarize similar articles together by mentioning and referencing the article in the same paragraph. Use an in-text citation and reference for each article. That is, you can reference the article(s) you are summarizing within the summary and then also include the article(s) in the reference section.
As a team, if needed, revise the research question developed in the Business Research Project Part 1 using the team member’s article summaries as a resource. You may have found a better approach to your study from reading published research studies. The research plan should be 700 to 1,050 words in length.

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