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EF is a lovely case – it involves trying to stretch a tired brand across multiple segments, discussions of cultural meaning, personas, brand-driven marketing mix, user personality, innovation and of course extension and architecture. So, I’d like your insights on how you would approach the brand’s challenge. Things to consider in your answer:

1. How has the world of the traditional EF women changed and what does this mean for the brand relationship?

2. Is EF stretch-able across all three segments? Would another option be more useful for balancing the needs of loyal users with those potential customers who are younger?

3. How would you reinterpret the brand’s enduring truths? Has the world of the customer changed, requiring a new take on how the brand delivers its values?

4. Is the marketing mix right for the brand? The brand is trying to target several segments yet relying heavily on an un-targeted marketing mix.

Use these questions to help shape you answer rather than just respond to them. Remember brand revitalization involves leveraging the brand’s positive points while acknowledging and removing the negatives. Also remember it is rarely a revolution.

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