Budget Allocations: A Tool for Implementing Public Policy


This week, we covered several topics pertaining to the implementation phase of the policymaking process. The budget as an implementation tool and how budget allocations reflect policy decisions were examined. Then, we discussed the critical role of monitoring and evaluation in ensuring that the public interest was being served. Finally, democratic approaches to public administration were reviewed within the context of how advances in technology, specifically in e-government, can be useful in that effort.

Review the concept of e-government and how the use of technology has transformed many public sector processes. Explain how each of the policy goals (equity, efficiency, liberty, and security) has been influenced by the implementation of e-government practices. Address how budget allocations towards e-government and technology services reflect policy and influence attainment of targeted outcomes. Support your answers with examples not previously offered in the lecture notes, i.e., from personal experience or research sources.

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