1.(a) Certain changes in the external environments of business organizations demand that managers pay greater attention to the issue of corporate social responsibility. Highlight such changes in the external environments.
(b) The mission statement of an organization should reflect certain fundamental elements. Explain these elements.

2.(a) For an organization to survive profitably, it should establish a successful environmental analysis program based on certain principles. Describe these principles.
(b) In an analytical decision making process, there are certain steps that strategy managers should follow. Highlight these steps.

3.(a) In developing its strategy, an organization needs to determine where it is. To do so, it needs to carry out an internal analysis. Outline the issues that should be considered in such an internal analysis.
(b) The manager, as a corporate entrepreneur, should address certain issues that define the entrepreneurial spirit. Highlight these issues.

1. Which one of these is not related to business definition-?
A The market niches severed
B The functions performed
C Competitor’s Strategic
D The product /services provided
2. Which is one of the methods of Growth/Expansion Strategy-?
A Diversification
B Ownership
C Concentric

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