A layout strategy for an international hotel or company

A layout strategy for an international hotel or company

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Part A: Pick a company that you are familiar that has a poor layout strategy. What specifically are the issues? Who do the issues impact? What are the risks involved? Take into consideration any potential disruptive events. For the problem site, make sure you discuss everything from how employees and/or customers interact, how different departments interact, qualitative factors, or if there are any 3rd parties involved. The goal of an operations management consultant is to really understand the problems from multiple views and perspectives.

You can use a diagram to support your thoughts (Not required but can help your investigation).

Part B: Based on your observations, what is a possible solution or solutions. Provide details to support your point. Understanding what you know about cycle times and how they can help your analysis, what data would you need in order to ensure you are completing an accurate calculation (Don’t just mention the items from the formula, talk about data you would need specifically from the organization). The key to this part of the assignment is to recognize and report your findings/observations/experiences. Also, think about any metrics involved. Will you have any problems incorporating these?

Part C: Let’s assume management has agreed to adopt your solution for change, however, they want you to determine the potential costs and break-even points especially if you are recommending new facilities, equipment or more resources. What is your approach to make sure this is completed as accurately as possible. Ultimately, what is it you are trying to control (culture or monitor or both)

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