a book review using American Antiquitу

A 5-pаge mіnimum pаper (text оnlу) will be required. This paper will be in the form of a book review using American Antiquitу style format.
Book Review Guidelines It is here that you demonstrate your command of your material by tackling, in depth, and write a book review of a pertinent topic related to the course. The instructor will assign you a book. Please leave ample time to read the book and write your review. I will post published reviews, so that you can see what is expected. I will assign your book to you early on in the semester. Demonstrate a rudimentary awareness of basic elements of archaeology, methods, settlements, etc. while writing your review.
Try to make your paper conform to the rubric guidelines below. ADDITIONALLY, THE REQUIRED PAPER FORMAT IS AMERICAN ANTIQUITY. IN THE RESOURCE SECTION and I will post and email it out is a template for American Antiquity format.
Organization & Argument
(points) 40
The organization of your paper should be efficient, and your argument should directly address the prompt questions or issues, and should deal with them in a rational and persuasive way, making use of your evidence.
Writing Mechanics
(points) 25
Your paper should employ correct English grammar and usage.
Clarity of Expression
(points) 20
Your paper should make clear statements, and while the tone should be scholarly, do not adopt a “fake” sophistication at the expense of clarity. Often simple and clear is better.
(points) 15
Typos, misspellings, and other minor errors should be eliminated. Sentences should be tightened up by rereading and eliminating superfluous words.

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