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(40 points) You have been awarded the contract to set up a new restaurant in an existing building at a local college (i.e., there is no need for external construction). You figured out that the steps you need to carry out include:

i.  First to specify the needs (maybe via a student survey, study other restaurants or competitors in the neighborhood, and then decide what food and service to offer).

ii.  Next you can find sometime trying to design the ‘product’, i.e., the menu (cold and warm dishes) as well as designing the service (e.g., serving style, dining room etc.).

iii.   After you have some idea about what to offer, you can make purchasing decisions (Kitchen equipment; Furniture; Perishables…).

iv.    In addition, you also realize the important of good advertising, both on-campus and off-campus, followed by some local preparation (e.g., Electricity; Plumbing; Equipment installation).

v.    Finally, you are ready to conduct a pilot run and plan some Kitchen training for your new hires!

1.      Use the above information to develop a WBS in tabular format in a Word document for the project. Make sure you indicate the WBS code using PMI numbering scheme for the tasks.

2.      Enter the above project information in a MS Project file. Specify the project properties properly (with reasonable assumption if any), add tasks and sub-tasks to the project, and indicate their WBS code using MS Project numbering scheme (i.e., outline number). For submission purpose, you can either print screen of the WBS table into a Word file or submit the .mpp MS Project file as a separate attachment. 

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